I am using .net client object model for MicroBlogging (Post with hashtags). I am getting access denied error.

i am using below code

   const string serverUrl = "http://usfkl13as133v:9191/en-US/";
                    const string tagName = "#" + "moss2007";

                    // Define the link to a tag that you want to include in the post. If the tag is new, the
                    // server adds it to the tags collection.
                    SocialDataItem tagLink = new SocialDataItem
                        ItemType = SocialDataItemType.Tag,
                        Text = tagName

                    // Add the tag to the post's creation data.
                    // Put a placeholder ({0}) where you want the tag to appear in the post text,
                    // and then add the tag to the post's content items.
                    SocialPostCreationData postCreationData = new SocialPostCreationData();
                    postCreationData.ContentText = "I like {0}.";
                    postCreationData.ContentItems = new SocialDataItem[1] { tagLink };


                        // Get the context and the SocialFeedManager instance.
                        ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext(serverUrl);
                        SocialFeedManager feedManager = new SocialFeedManager(clientContext);

                        // Publish the post. This is a root post to the user's feed, so specify
                        // null for the targetId parameter.
                        feedManager.CreatePost(null, postCreationData);

                    catch (Exception ex)


Please check the first comment in following articles. May be it helps..


  • Please do not post link only answers! Add some details from the link to the post – Robert Lindgren Apr 9 '14 at 11:20

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