If I am using a provider hosted app with the code below, its not clear to me how can I monitor logs, provider hosted apps runs in this case in a separate iis site, correct?

The System.Diagnostics line where does it log to? ULS? IIS Logs? Event Logs?

I am trying to know a good approach to debugging apps once they are in production. Specially if each app is different iis site

What other options do I have to the System.Diagnostics line?

EventReceiverDefinitionCreationInformation receiver =
                            new EventReceiverDefinitionCreationInformation();
                        receiver.EventType = EventReceiverType.ItemAdded;

                        //Get WCF URL where this message was handled
                        OperationContext op = OperationContext.Current;
                        Message msg = op.RequestContext.RequestMessage;

                        receiver.ReceiverUrl = msg.Headers.To.ToString();

                        receiver.ReceiverName = RECEIVER_NAME;
                        receiver.Synchronization = EventReceiverSynchronization.Synchronous;

                        //Add the new event receiver to a list in the host web


                        System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine("Added ItemAdded receiver at "
                                + msg.Headers.To.ToString());

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In think this blog post has it all regarding this: http://sharepoint-community.net/m/blogpost?id=6614983%3ABlogPost%3A66076

The basic idea is to use one of the many existing logging frameworks that are not SharePoint specific. Since a provider hosted app has no access to SharePoint logs, we have to create and use or own logs.

LogEntries seems like a good framework with many possibilities (have not tested it my self).

Your System.Diagnosics.Trace.Write will only output your logging to subscribed listeners (example being a debugging session in Visual Studio)

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    – Ali
    May 30, 2016 at 2:19
  • New link added! May 30, 2016 at 4:55

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