I created a tool in Excel VBA that generates a custom report from the data I pulled from a SharePoint list via Excel VBA code.

What I want to do is change/update the "Status" field for items within the SharePoint list used above.

I read here that it's possible, but I didn't understand it very well.

The code I'm using to pull data form SharePoint:

Dim GUID As String, LISTNAME As String, URLNAME As String
'pull values from .iqy file (sharepoint export)
GUID = unique id list
LISTNAME = unique id for list name
URLNAME = "url pulled from 'connection tab'"

'insert Sharepoint List here
ActiveSheet.ListObjects.Add SourceType:=xlSrcExternal, _
Source:=Array(URLNAME, LISTNAME, GUID), LinkSource:=True, Destination:=Range("A1")

With ActiveSheet
     .Range("A1").ListObject.Name = "DataTable"
End With

Thanks in advance.

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You need to add properties in Excel and then align them to Columns in sharepoint. Make sure the names align.

For Each Prop In WB.ContentTypeProperties
    If Prop.Name = "DateSubmitted" Then
        Prop.Value = Range("DateSubmitted").Value
    End If
Next Prop
  • Ken, could you format the code to make it easier to read? Commented Mar 26, 2014 at 3:19

After doing some more research, it looks like there is no way to do this from VBA.


It IS possible to update a Sharepoint list's records using Excel VBA, and you don't even need a workflow! You can connect to your Sharepoint list as an MS Access database and execute queries using ADO or DAO.

For examples on how to do this, see the following links.



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