This is a SharePoint 2013 Enterprise environment. The crawler refuses to crawl a single page correctly. No other errors show up in the crawl log and every other page is crawled correctly. The error that I see is:

The crawler could not communicate with the server. Check that the server is available and that the firewall access is configured correctly.

This page is a custom content type and contains Managed Metadata fields. Any new pages created from this content type also fail to crawl, even if all Managed Metadata fields are left blank. I can hit the page directly from the server. I suspect that has something to do with it but I'm not sure how to fix the issue. Thanks for any ideas!

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Turns out the Page Layout had a reference to that was causing search to blow up. The site started out as an O365 site but was recently migrated to on-prem; this must have slipped through the cracks. Honestly, I'm surprised the page loaded at all.

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