I am trying to extend a claims based application (which uses a custom token provider) to enable SharePoint Search on SharePoint Foundation 2010. After I extend the application to use windows login I get a 404 error on the page.This is even after setting up the new extended "site" in the alternate access mapping as a Custom zone. I am at a loss because I can't setup my crawl through the Search Service Application without being able to access the zone which contains windows authentication.

Any help would be appreciated.

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are you using the Claims based authentication with FBA or something else? i think if you just enable both authentication method under the "Claim Authentication Types" Windows and Form based then you dont need to extend it.

  • Central Admin > Security > Under General Security click .."Specify Authentication Providers"
  • from this page, select the web app you want from top right.
  • on this click on "default" Zone
  • on this page Under the "Claim Authentication Types" check both options "Enable Windows Authentication" and "Enable Forms Based Authentication (FBA)"

Run a crawl now, make sure Content Access account having the right permission on web app level.

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