I have a field Title with value like below


I want a calculate formule to remove ("-")and (".") so that the output should be only a number i.e "310".

Can any one help me on this ..I have achieved this by using 2 calculated formules like below. but i want it in one.

order is the name of calucltaed column.


porder is the name of another calculated column


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After Digging in to it i finally made it .




This replaces (in the value of the "Title" field), starting at the position of the first occurance of the "." character, for a length of 1 (replacing 1 character only), with nothing (empty quotes). This gets rid of the first dot.

To get the rest of "-"


We need to pass the above replace formule in place of title

So, what it comes down to is that in order to replace all occurances of a given character within a string, we need to know how many times it appears then nest the replacement logic that many times.

Hopefully this clears things up some.

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