I had a problem with SharePoint data Types.

when I create a single line text column, type of this column is text and when I want to use this column as password field, There is no option change type to the password.

and characters are shown normal Instead of '*****'

I also use InfoPath, But my problem is not solved

please say me how can I change this text Type to Password in SharePoint forms.

Type = text

| 123456451256 |

Type = Password

| ************** |


For this you have to create a custom field type and following link provides in detail how to create a custom field type

MSDN - How to create a custom field type

This topic provides an overview of the process of creating a custom field type and defining how it renders on list views and on the Display, New, and Edit forms.

For a concrete example of creating a custom field and defining its rendering, see Walkthrough: Creating a Custom Field Type.

The alternative 'hacky but pragmatic way' is as Vladi suggests using some Javascript (perhaps in a CEWP) to modify the pages HTML.

You would want to find the field INPUT tag and change the type to Password (this will then use * instead of chars).

This post gives you an walkthrough of opening up a New/Edit.asp form in edit mode, adding a CEWP that contains JavaScript and modifying the page. Its not exactly what you want but will get you started.


OR if you want use a ready-made you can get it from codeplex


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