My company runs EMS Service for private parties, sports events etc. We are scheduling our tasks with a SharePoint calendar. For each event one has to create a Excel sheet containing time, date, task number, names etc. For busy weekends we have to create about 100 Excel sheets per day . The data is already written in the SharePoint Calendar. Is their a way to access the SharePoint Calendar with a VBA macro and automatically get the desired data in the Excel spreadsheet ?

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If you have added all the dates and tasks to your SharePoint Calendar, you can go to the Connect & Export settings and export all the information into on Excel spreadsheet. I use this method often! it has saved me hours of work.

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there are couple of ways to achieve this and already answered on technet

please refer



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    Please post some details also rather than just posting a link here, because once the link is broken its of no use for community members. Jun 27, 2016 at 9:23

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