i installed SharePoint from 2003 and 2007 and 2010 in many cases. and usually anything is ok.

but several times i cant open sites with explorer

today test it and understand that only server cant access it self and anothers can do anything

The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized sharepoint

internet explorer after check credentials request for enter them again.

and i mixed up

please help me


i configure and check firewall and etc.

i check host file in system32 / drivers / etc /

but no one solve my problem

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    You probably did, but since you mention you can't access it from the server, have you disabled the IIS loopback check? – Cameron Verhelst Mar 1 '14 at 13:39

You might have to disable the loopback check on the server itself: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/896861

Method 2

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    Please do not post link-only answers, instead add some of the main steps to take and use the link merely as a source of more information – Robert Lindgren Mar 1 '14 at 18:49
  • this is amazing that my server name and central admin is open by server original name : like : win-el04insm64e , but i cant open it by alias name , another host header ... – saber tabatabaee yazdi Mar 2 '14 at 7:15

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