Using Visual Studio, I am creating custom templates for rendering Content Types in a SharePoint 2010 environment.

If I want to control which fields, and in which order, I can elect to remove the <SharePoint:ListFieldIterator runat="server"/> reference in the template and instead use the various <SharePoint:[TextField|DateTieField|RadioButtonChoiceField|etc] runat="server" /> controls.

My question is about how to tweak the rendering of the control using the (and I guess maybe the ) element. Specifically, I want to tweak the way the choice options render. Instead of display in a vertical list, I want to spread them out across a row.

enter image description here

So...how can I use the following to render what is shown above? Or should I be doing this a different way?

<SharePoint:RadioButtonChoiceField ID="Action" runat="server" FieldName="Action">
        <!-- what goes here?? -->    

I tried adding some static text to that area but it does not render.


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