My environment is Sharepoint 2013 Standard. On a test document library I have versioning turned off. According to this article, I should be able to restore my modified document back to previous version:


I just follow the instruction but I just cannot see the button "my last edits" or "UNDO CHANGES" anywhere. I am not sure what went wrong ...

Thanks for any input.



the catch is:

This feature is available only if Document Versioning is turned off in OneDrive for Business. Additionally, this feature applies only to documents you’ve shared with others. It does not apply to documents other people have shared with you.

is it your document or others?

Also did you see ellspss(...)

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  • I think so. I am testing by login as "Mark" and edit the file at "Skydrive Pro" (now is called OneDrive for business) "Shared with everyone" folder. Also I can see "...". Click on it shows a list with "View Properties, Edit Properties, Check Out, Compliance Details ... blah" but no "my last edit" – Mark L Feb 28 '14 at 3:14

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