We need to remove the Sharepoint community site posts which are older than 2 years to free up some space. The old posts need to be exported into some other format (maybe Excel, CSV, html), so that they can check them later without too much effort.

What can be the best way to achieve this? Thanks.

P.S. I have tried export the "Discussions List" to excel and download all files from "Site Assets" (which store the attachment of forum posts). However I cannot see the relationship between posts and their attachment.


It is good to clean up the old posts from SharePoint community site to free up the storage, whether it is SharePoint Online or On Premises.

In SharePoint, there is an export option from which you can export the discussion and analyze the list using Microsoft Excel. The only thing is it can only export the discussion topic (without all posts) in Excel. You can visit Microsoft article https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Export-an-external-list-to-Excel-fcbb5cdc-cf49-4131-8294-21bc25e66952 for more information or to export an external list to Excel.

If you want to export the whole posts, you can use a third-party tool such as SPListX for SharePoint from Vyapin, which does export the content in all formats (CSV, XML and XLSX) as well. It gives the relationship between the Discussion List posts and Site Assets for list item attachments and images that are used for posts.

Hope this is useful to you.

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