I want to know to get all database name with an stsadm commend like Get-SPDatabase in power shell I found this cmd:stsadm -o databaserepair -url http://xyz/sites/sc -databasename DBname

but it need a specified database and url . there is any idea . beast regards .


stsadm –o enumcontentdbs only returns content database. To find other DBs:

Content DBs: These are actually listed quite nicely in central admin. At least they gave us that: APP MANAGEMENT >> CONTENT DATABASES >> select each WEB APP you want to see a list of content DBs for. Config DBs: This one was tricky and took me a while. Turns out this info is in the registry. Sigh. REGEDIT >> HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftShared ToolsWeb Server Extensions12.0SecureConfigDb SSP Config and Search DB: This one was obvious in hindsight: Central Admin >> SHARED SERVICES ADMINISTRATION >> click the EDIT PROPERTIES drop down on the SSP you want to look at.


  • stsadm -o Enumzoneurls // get urls stsadm -o enumcontentdbs -url xyz //get contentdbs for url .thanks Nadeem – Imen Turki Feb 26 '14 at 10:19

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