I have imported an excel sheet to al list which had some lookup values. But now when I look at the list the lookup column is now single line of text. How can I change the column to reconnect back to the list for a lookup.

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Lookup Fails after Import
Cause:-Table Key was invalid (I suspect)

I exported access tables as "Share point list" and some of the lookups no longer work. To fix I had to delete and recreate the list.

To Fix: Delete the table with the lookup in, and then recreate it. This fixes the error.

Did not work:

  • rename the column to "Lookup old" and recreate.
  • delete the column with the look up are recreate.

I was also getting this error: "Cannot save property; property is a schema property". Re-creating the table also fixed this error.


The work around is :

-Create the list with required fields.

-Import all the other columns

-Open the list in Sharepoint, Edit in Datasheet

-Select records in "Lookup" column in Excel (not the column, only the records in the column)

-Paste in the Datasheet ensuring that sorting and positioning match.

Reference1 Reference2

  • Thanks.But what do you mean by "Change the required fields to off where applicable" Please elaborate more I have imported the column into the list already with values like so ABC;#15,BBB#3 Just thinking how I can match it and if not move it to another column
    – naijacoder
    Feb 25, 2014 at 6:44
  • create a list with the required fields and import all other columns
    – Jinxed
    Feb 25, 2014 at 7:33
  • So are you saying not to import from excel sheet but create a list first with all the required field and then what? Let me elaborate.I have a lookup list already in place and when i did the export from excel the lookup column is a single line of text and i can't turn it to a lookup menu. The single line of text are in the format Open;#1 Close ;#15. Since i exported it from a lookup column list. Do you get me?
    – naijacoder
    Feb 25, 2014 at 23:58
  • In a column field I have "Open;#1" and I would like set this as a lookup column .But a look up columns needs this format "1;#Open".Is there a way around this. I also would need a multivalued one like so "Open;#1;# International;#2;#International1".
    – naijacoder
    Feb 26, 2014 at 6:45

The easiest way to do this is to

  1. delete the old column and
  2. add the new column with same name and mark it as lookup

You can fix this Problem follow these steps: (After Import Excel Sheet in the SharePoint list)

  1. From Ribbon list open the file by using InfoPath.
  2. From ribbon create Data Source to the list that you want the column lookup.
  3. Go to the control that you need to make it look up and Chang binding to the list that you created in Data Source and choose your Column.
  4. Save And Publish.
  5. Go to the SharePoint List and add new item for test.

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