I would like to know how it is possible to do Item Limit (similar to Content Query Web Parts) for Summary Link Web Parts? Basically I want to limit the number of links they have there to a certain number, so it won't mess up with the styling of the page when users input too many items.

I've tried modifying the .WEBPART and inserting a 5, from which I got from a CQWP webpart file. However, it seems SharePoint doesn't implement this as it seems to automatically remove the snippet when I insert it to the page.

Is there a way to implement Item Limit functionality for Summary Links Web Part? OOTB would be better.


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How to customize Summary Link web part

SummaryLinkWebPart is XSL based web part. The following files:

  • SummaryLinkMain.xsl
  • ItemStyle.xsl
  • HeaderStyle.xsl

define the rendering of Summary Link web part.

In order to specify the rows limit, follow the steps below:

1) Export web part and specify the ParameterBindings web part property:

   <ParameterBinding Name="RowsLimit" DefaultValue="2" />

where ParameterBinding RowsLimit corresponds to the maximum number of rows that should be rendered (in this case 2 rows should be displayed)

2) Open SummaryLinkMain.xsl (located under Style Library > XSL Style Sheets), declare parameter <xsl:param name="RowsLimit" /> and replace

<xsl:with-param name="LastRow" select="$RowCount" />


<xsl:with-param name="LastRow" select="$RowsLimit" />

in OuterTemplate template

3) Upload web part and add it into the page

Note: it is not recommended to modify system files like SummaryLinkMain.xsl, so consider to create a separate file


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