I have to create a generic site template which has few tabs in the home page and on click of these links/tabs in this site template it will navigate to the sub sites created under that[this generic site template shud contain 3 sub sites - [1 blog, 1 search center sub site, meeting workspace as tabs in the site template’s top navigation] and a) 2 Doc Libs b) 2 splists by default present in this site template [ most prob. its a team site template] What should be the correct approach for creating this site template: I have thought of implementing using: a) save site as a template and upload this wsp into the solution collection gallery b) create a web template having the above subsites and doc libs and splists c) last option is to create a site definition [ complex ]

Which one should i choose, assuming that, there would be future changes from customer side in the site template.like, adding a new splist, sp doclic or a new custom web part. in that case, adding a new addtion to the already existing site template will not affect/reflect the already running sites' strcuture.

Only those new sites which is created based on the updated site template would be having the new additions implemented.

help is highly appreciated.

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