We are doing R&D on integrating the updates post in Confluence with the SharePoint newsfeed. One thing I need to do is create a "listener" that can update a central content store when a user follows an object (person/site/etc.). Right now, I can find a couple ways to enumerate what objects a user is following (or who is following a user), but nothing on how to capture the event of following (to add an entry to the central store) or retrieve a list of follows since the last request (similar to using SocialFeedOptions.NewerThan to get posts from the previous collection instance).

Am I missing something or would we have to do a timer job that steps through every person's following list, compare it to the central store, and then make updates as needed? That seems pretty inefficient, but I can't find anything else.


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There is no such event, and likes/follows are not tracked via the change log. Furthermore, the Newsfeed is being replaced by Yammer, which is completely cloud based. Polling on an interval is likely your best approach.

  • That's what I thought, but thanks for confirming it. I can stop digging through the object model looking for something that doesn't exist now.
    – Todd
    Feb 18, 2014 at 15:18

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