I have a custom user field (it's used in custom task content type):

<Field ID="{d3773326-a0a8-45e2-9c60-82fc7f7ba01c}" Name="IM_Task_ResponsiblePerson" DisplayName="Responsible person" Type="User" Group="Issue Manager"></Field>

I need to read a value (and its properties) from this column in Workflow 2013. How can I do this?

VisualStudio says that this field have string value in GetDynamicValueProperties activity. But I need an int value for use it in LookupSPUser activity. Or maybe I do something wrong?

  • Did you manage to figure this out? Commented Sep 15, 2014 at 9:30

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You can just use the field name with GetDynamicValueProperties and assign the value to a variable of type int.

enter image description here

You might need to postfix the field name with "Id" as explained here: http://mazdev.blogspot.ae/2014/05/get-value-of-persongroup-list-item.html

Take a look at this question: Declarative SharePoint 2013 Workflow Sending Email to Person Specific in Item List Field of Type Person/Group

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