1. What is recommended time for people picker in large org. E.g Users : 10000+, multiple forests/domains at different locations. Our current time is 3-10 secs depends on location and domain.

  2. What is correct format for peoplepicker-searchadforests value. Coz our email address are fname.lname@domain1.com or ff.ll@do2.com But when see FDQN its : main.sub.domain1.com or main2.sub2.in1.do2.com

I have tried both domain:domain1 and domain:main.sub.domain1.com Both works fine, but which is correct format and will this affect speed ?

Thanks in advance.


Please try with AD user name if possible, and it appears in less than seconed. If it is not handy to get username, then i use full email address and hit ente . i dont click on search this person or any button. i just type AD user name ( first choice), or AD Email address and hit enter.. hope this way you will find better. please let me know, if it was better. thakns

  • We have asked users to use email address and validate but it takes 5-6 secs.Is it that normal time? Feb 14 '14 at 14:10

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