I have list with a bunch of yes/no checkbox columns. I'm trying to create a column that counts how many fields in the row have the value 'Yes'. I found an inelegant formula that is supposed to do just this - however, SharePoint is telling me that I have a syntax error (perhaps some functions are not supported?). Does anyone have a solution that works with SharePoint 2007?

Here's my current formula:


... which is quite long, so don't read all of it. More notably the shorter variant =SUM(IF(EXACT([f1];"Yes");1;0)) doesn't even work.

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I agree with the answer about using , instead of ;

However, I also think that the Yes/No field is a Boolean. This will probably simplify your formula to:

  • Thank you! You were right; in fact, it seems not to work the original way. (edit: which makes sense, now that I think about it...) Commented Feb 13, 2014 at 19:33

I think you are using ";" instead of ","

Try this:


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