I have a webpart on my homepage where you can see the most viewed items. I am looking for the query and logic from this search webpart. I went to the settings of this webpart. Then I go to the query. After this I clicked on a link which bringing me to this page:


On this page I see a list with many resultsources. I clicked on the resultSource which I need to investigate and get on this page:


On this page I see all the controls are read only. So I cannot change the settings. Isee also a warning message:

You don't appear to have permission to view the account credentials for this result source. You need permissions at the level at which the result source was created. For example, only an account with administrator permissions for a Search Service application can view the account credentials for a result source created at that level.

Does someone know why I got this warning? I would like to change some settings.

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Well, are you an administrator of the Search Service Application? Check in Central Administration -> Service Applications and mark the row of your Search Service Application and click Administrators in the ribbon.

  • yes, I did already check this. I add my self to the administrators and grant full permission. I am logged in with a farm account. It is possible to add a new resultSource.
    – Ola
    Feb 12, 2014 at 11:57
  • And is the Result Source added at farm level? because if it is added on Site Collection level, you need to be Site Admin of that collection Feb 12, 2014 at 12:40

I experienced the same. On the settings page, there are two options which are very similar:

  • Search settings, below heading 'Search'
  • Search settings, below Site Collection Administration

The link to use to alter a Content source, must be the same link you used to create the Content source.

This did the trick for me. Hopefully this is helpfull for others.

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