I am getting issue while fetching follow information for a site. I am getting error when calling isFollow() method. Error is "Invalid Pointer".

below is my code

    function isAlreadyFollowed() {
clientContext = SP.ClientContext.get_current();

socialManager = new SP.Social.SocialFollowingManager(clientContext);
socialActor = new SP.Social.SocialActorInfo();

var siteContentUrl = window.location;
//getting error at below line
var result = socialManager.isFollowed(socialActor);


do anyone have any idea regarding this error.



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The only value you've applied to your socialActor object is URI. What were you hoping to be returned?

You need to apply a valid user to it in order to return true or false from the isFollowed Boolean property. You also need to get it's value.

See the example below which expects a valid username as input. An alert will display the current following status of the logged-in user to the targetUser and follow/unfollow as required.

An email will also be sent to the targetUser. This is a default action.

var clientContext;
var followingManager;
var actorInfo;
var isFollowed;
var followedCount;
var user; // "domain\\user" <- note the double backslash

// Get the Following status of the current user.
function getFollowingStatus(targetUser)
    user = targetUser;

    // Get the current client context
    clientContext = SP.ClientContext.get_current();

    // Create a SocialFeedManager instance
    followingManager = new SP.Social.SocialFollowingManager(clientContext);

    // Create a SocialActorInfo object to represent the target user
    actorInfo = new SP.Social.SocialActorInfo();

    // Find out whether the currently logged-in user is following the target user
    isFollowed = followingManager.isFollowed(actorInfo);

    clientContext.executeQueryAsync(showFollowingStatus, requestFailed)

function showFollowingStatus()
    // Is following target user
    if (isFollowed.get_value()===true){
        alert("You are no longer following " + user);
    // Is not following target user
    else if (isFollowed.get_value()===false) 
        alert("You are now following " + user);

// Failure callback
function requestFailed(sender, args) {

// Usage getFollowingStatus('domain\\user')

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