I'm using SharePoint 2010. How do I create a parent-child navigation on a flat site collection with only pages witch lays in the pages library?

I what it to bee shown only when a user clicks on the first link.

Right now all the pages is in the library "Pages" and I whant to show them like this:


+page 1
    page 2
+ page 3
   + page 4
   + page 5

And so on, I also what that only the part that is active should bee open like:


+pages 1
+pages 3
   + pages 4
   + pages 5

Do you know How i can accomplish this?

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If you want to do it using browser, just use "Edit Links". Check this for more information,

MSDN blog - Custom Navigation in SharePoint

If you want to do it by code as you want "+" sign I guess, so this is the best approach to your probelm,

MSDN blog - How to create custom navigation menu in SharePoint with XML data source




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