Is there a way create or activate cross-site collection links. So if I'm under the Accounting Department site I can go into the Marketing Department site. I looked all over sharepoint and no luck.


SharePoint 2013 Managed Metadata Navigation should help in this case, following articles are useful:

It uses Pinned Terms

It uses JSOM


Ooops, Managed Metadata Service & Managed Navigation are not available in SharePoint Foundation 2013.. read it after posting :)


You should create a Sharepoint app for that. In your app, the app permission should be at least Site-Collection: Read. In this app, you should create an app part that query all the site in the site collection. And you can create html, css, or javascript functions for the navigation control. I have created an app similar for that by using jsom but my app is creating a tree view display all the site in the site collection.

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