i am using SharePoint 2013 , and i added a new announcement list, then i configured the list to accept emails. but i can not understand from where i can define the announcement list email address ? and should this email be created inside our exchange server first ? Second question. how do SharePoint map the email content to the announcement item content.

will for example the email subject be the announcement subject ? and the email body mapped to the announcement item body ?


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Open the announcements list for which you want to enable and configure incoming e-mail support.

Click Settings, and then click List Settings. Under Communications, click Incoming e-mail settings.

In the E-Mail section, choose Yes to enable this list to receive e-mail, and then type the alias that you want to use to send e-mail to this list.

P.S. The Incoming e-mail settings link is not available if incoming e-mail support is not enabled in Central Administration.

Behind the scenes:

As soon as Alias is created on the SharePoint side, a contact will be auto created in Active directory and Exchange server

For the announcement list, SharePoint will capture subject, body, and original message from your email message.

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