Where is the correct place to change the query before query is executed in a custom CoreResults webpart.


//QueryManager.UserQuery = query.ToString();
runtime.KeywordQueryObject.QueryText = query.ToString();

AddSortOrder in CoreResultsDatasourceView does not seem to work.

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I've succesfully modified my query (but I'm using Fast Search, don't know how much it does change) overriding SetPropertiesOnQdra() in the extended CoreResultsDatasourceView inner class.

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I ended up overriding GetXpathNavigator in my custom CoreResultsWebpart. This event fires in a late stage, causing the query change not to be overwritten. First I tried to override AddSortOrder in my View, the changes to the query was then lost. Changing sorting worked in AddSortOrder though.

The code I added to GetXPathNavigator was:

QueryManager.UserQuery = query.ToString();

As mamoo noted overriding SetPropertiesOnQdra() will probably work as well. Allthough I have not tested, but will do at work on Monday.

Som offical guidance/best practices on SharePoint Search from Microsoft would really be appreciated.

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This may be helpful to you.

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