I would like to insert a Reusable Content to my Wiki page (I would like to create a Navigation snippet, so I could include it in every subwiki page, where it's needed), I've created the Content in the Reusable Content list, but the button is disabled, I can't add it, can someone tell me what to do make it enabled?

Here is a screenshot: http://i52.tinypic.com/2qi73vp.png

The Publishing infrastructure is enabled, btw. Thanks for helping me!


Insert a Content Editor Web Part. And then add the reusable content to that. The wiki pages themselves don't support the reusable content, however they do support inserting webparts.


I know this is 5 years old but I just came across this. In SPO it appears that you cannot add Reusable Content to a content editor webpart or a list item.

  1. Create a text file in SiteAssets library or any other library. Ex: /SiteAssets/ReusedContent.txt
  2. Add a Content Editor webpart to the page
  3. Edit the Content Editor webpart
  4. Update "Content Link To link to a text file, type a URL." with /SiteAssets/ReusedContent.txt
  5. Export this Content Editor webpart and import it to all pages you would like to reuse the content.

Hope it helps...

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