I have a Person or group column that allows multiple selections. I am displaying this field in a search results web part via a managed property.

Where multiple selections have been made, names after the first selection are displaying in the format #{UserID};#{Display Name} rather than just {Display Name}.

Could anyone point me towards the best way to just return the display name for all selections?

Many thanks



Dan, You can use the XSL to parse the result and split on the ;# to just return the Display Name for each user. Try the substring-after operator.

  • Thanks Matthew. I'd started off down that path and wasn't getting anywhere but I was using the replace function with a regular expression and have just realised that's not available in 2007 (and XSLT 1.0). Will go back and have another look. Thanks again. Dan – DanA Feb 4 '14 at 4:42

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