We all are aware of Send To Functionality of Document Libraries as explained here http://office.microsoft.com/en-in/sharepoint-server-help/copy-a-file-to-another-library-or-send-to-location-HA101782473.aspx#_Toc259088285

As mentioned on the link shared, we need to update the changes in the copies manually.

What i need is whenever someone update the the file and checkin, the copies should get updated automatically.

Could someone please suggest something to achieve this.

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I think you can do this with an Event Receiver attached to the source library. So, whenever a document is edited, you can use the SPCopyDestinationCollection to detect if the file has any copy linked to it. If it has, you'll want to use the method SPListItem.CopyTo to copy the updated document to all its destination copies.

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