there is one site in moss 2007 but i dont know its template.

i want this because i want to create a site of same template.

please help me to find template of this site.

please help me.

following is the URL: http://v2_sharepoint:2000/SF/cq/Pages/CQDashBoard.aspx

i want to find template for this Site.


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Also, if your Sharepoint farm is running service pack 2 and you have server access, you can run the stsadm preupgradecheck operation and it will output the site template which you can cross reference here. You can also append /_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=GetProjSchema to the end of the site URL, as detailed here, and that will give you the template name to provision a new site as.


If you don't want to do any coding download SharePoint Manager for SharePoint 2007, navigate to the SPWeb in question and look at the properties. It should have a WebTemplate property indicating the name of the template.


You can also use SharePoint Spider to go through a site and get all the information.

SharePoint Spider is mentioned here: http://www.thesharepointmuse.com/category/user-experience/

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