I have a taxonomy field which is muti-allow. I have placed a taxonomy picker control in the application page and the values which are entered in that control are to be set in the list.

My code is as follows:

private void SetFieldValues(SPListItem item)
    if (RadViewNewsOffices.Checked)
        TaxonomyField officeField = item.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(FieldNames.Offices) as TaxonomyField;
        if (officeField != null)
            TaxonomyFieldValueCollection selectedOffices = new TaxonomyFieldValueCollection(officeField);
            officeField.SetFieldValue(item, selectedOffices);

I debugged the program and getting value at the line officeField.SetFieldValue(item, selectedOffices); that the method is not supported. The text which I am assigning through twtcOffices.Text looks something like:Office 1|098400ee-334a-4b36-b690-a2b77330cc5d;Office 2|8deccb5f-0417-4773-8227-e2a48eae9153.

What should I do to store the value in the taxonomy field?

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Did you try like this:

item[FieldNames.Offices] = selectedOffices;

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