Let say I have sub-sites on my "main site" (which is not root of site collection), like Home sub-site, About, Contact. The "main site" is actually language variation of another site. In another words I have structure like this

 - http://mysite -> this is root SPWeb
 - http://mysite/de-de -> this is "root variation"
 - http://mysite/de-de/Lists/myList -> list I'd like to get
 - http://mysite/de-de/Home/History -> sub-site in de-de variation from where I'd like to get "myList"

What I'd like to do is something like following

var rootOfVarSPWeb = SP.ClientContext.get_current().get_web().get_rootOfVariation()

//get the list
//do other stuff in root of variation

EDIT: Question is for SharePoint 2013.

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It actually depends what version of SharePoint is used.

How to retrieve Variation Labels via CSOM?

Since variations labels are stored in a Hidden List (MOSS 2007, SPS 2010/2013) we could retrieve it via CSOM (ECMAScript) as demonstrated below:

function getVaritationLabels(OnSuccess,OnError){
    var ctx = SP.ClientContext.get_current();
    var rootWeb = ctx.get_site().get_rootWeb();
    var webProperties = rootWeb.get_allProperties(); 
      function() {
         var varLabelsListId = webProperties.get_item('_VarLabelsListId');

         var labelsList = rootWeb.get_lists().getById(varLabelsListId);
         var labelItems = labelsList.getItems(SP.CamlQuery.createAllItemsQuery());

            function() { 
               var variationLabels = [];

                var e = labelItems.getEnumerator();
                while (e.moveNext()) {
                    var labelItem = e.get_current();
                        'IsSource': labelItem.get_item('Is_x0020_Source'),
                        'Language': labelItem.get_item('Language'),
                        'Locale': labelItem.get_item('Locale'),
                        'Title': labelItem.get_item('Title'),
                        'TopWebUrl': labelItem.get_item('Top_x0020_Web_x0020_URL')



The function returns an array of Variation Label entries:

IsSource - Determines whether the Variation Label is set as the source label

Language - Returns the Language of the Variation Labe

Locale - Returns the Locale of the Variation Label

Title - Returns the title of the Variation Label, which is the unique string identifier of the label

TopWebUrl - Returns the URL of the top Publishing Web of the variation hierarchy of this label.

Example: How to determine Variation Home?

Assume the following variation labels have been configured

enter image description here


en-us Variation Label corresponds to Variation Home (Is Source parameter is set to True)

then the following function will return the Url of the variation hierarchy:

function getVariationLabelSourceUrl()
    var sourceUrl = '';
          for(var j = 0; j < variationLabels.length;j++){
              var variationLabel = variationLabels[j];
                  sourceUrl = variationLabel.TopWebUrl.get_url();
          console.log('Variation Label Source Url: ' + sourceUrl);
      function(sender,args) {
        console.log('An error occurred: ' + args.get_message());

P.S. The demonstrated code samples been tested with SharePoint 2013

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