I have 3 WFEs on my farm and want to ensure that when I flush the blob cache, that the cache is actually cleared.

I ran the PowerShell code below on one WFE and checked the BlobCache on the disk (C:\BlobCache) and it did not change in size or file count.

$webApp = Get-SPWebApplication "http://mywebapp/"
Write-Host "Flushed the BLOB cache for:" $webApp

How do you flush the blob cache on all WFEs programatically?
How can you verify that the cache has actually been flushed?

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The BLOB cache should be flushed on all servers running the Foundation Web service. When FlushBlobCache($webApp), the flush will not be immediate. As for how to tell, you can simply see if the property "blobcacheflushcount" is incremented by 1, or is a new property (if you haven't flushed the cache before) to confirm the Flush Command is queued. Just run:


This won't tell you when it is complete. If you want to know that, you'll need to monitor the folder or ULS log one each server.

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