We have a department that could solve their issue with a post-it. Instead, they would like a form where people could enter data, and the data would pass to an Access DB, which would be tied a SP 2010 list where people could view/sort the data as desired. Any advice for using this sort of a workflow? Would it be better to skip the Access DB and just go Infopath->Sharepoint? Ideally new entries would be pushed all the way to the SP list in real time. This form will be used maybe a few times a year and contain minimal data, 3 or 4 fields, hence the sarcasm.

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Well best would be to avoid the Access DB layer, SharePoint -> List is the best way..

But if its necessary, you can write a Custom WCF Service, call this service from InfoPath form.. And use C# to add contents to Access Database.. You can use Business Connectivity Services: External Lists to connect to Access Database and show the List View.

Let me know if you need instructions..

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