I have a workflow that is triggered when a item is approved, it looks at the status and copies it over to a archive library with a external data field.

Problem I am having is when the copy happens everything copies over except the field for the external data field. My example is I have a field named "User ID" that is a single line text field and I want that data in that field to copy over to the other library that has a external data field called "User ID" that will in return will populate the other fields.

I have tried using the "Update Item" with no success.

  • Forget the copy. It wont even let me set that field with a workflow inside the library. I tried it as a string and every other type. Is there not a way to set a external data field with a string?
    – Colby
    Commented Jan 16, 2014 at 21:23

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Setting an external data column via a workflow doesn't work. The wf runs with no error, but no value is stored inside the external column.

This matter has been discussed here before.

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