I am previewing an aspx page in SP Designer 2013. It's not loading any of my content and not generating the HTML I'm looking for because the ASP is not being compiled.

How can I run this code through SP Designer 2013?

  • what do you mean exactly by "is not being compiled" ? If you're somehow referring to code-behind or inline code, this is plainly not possible in SP Designer – MdMazzotti Jan 15 '14 at 13:25

Using SharePoint Designer you can create an aspx page. This page does not create a corresponding cs file as Visual Studio does.

The code behind file you can create using Visual Studio and compile into a class library. Deploy the library into GAC. And then you can update the Reference Tags on the aspx page.

<%@ Page 
Inherits="Namespace.PageClass, Assembly.AssemblyFullName"

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