I have been playing around with creating dashboards and charts using Performance Point services in the Dashboard Designer. I got the documentation on how to create them and built a couple in my BI SharePoint site. Now I would like to know what are my next steps to display one of my charts or dashboards in one of my other non-business intelligence centre SharePoint sites.

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Use Chart WebPart and configure it's data source as explained in this MSDN article.

Create a chart by using the Chart Web Part

e.g. You can connect this webpart to a Business Data Catalog

What kinds of data sources can be used with the Chart Web Part?

A Chart Web Part can use one of the following data sources:

Another Web Part. You can connect the Chart Web Part to another Web Part that is capable of sending data. Examples of such Web Parts include a Document Library or a Contacts list.

A SharePoint List. You can connect the Chart Web Part to a SharePoint list that is located in the same site collection.

A Business Connectivity Services component. You can connect the Chart Web Part to a BCS component to display external or line of business data.

An Excel Services file. You can connect the Chart Web Part to an Excel workbook that has been published to Excel Services.


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