I am working with sharepoint online 2013 and Sharepoint designer 2013.

I wanted to generate an email alert for the Site Feed App. I wanted to send an email to a group of people with the posted content and the name of the person who posted the content. I tried the method explained in the following question.

"I need to create an auto-generated email when items in a Sharepoint list are created or updated"

It worked for the other lists(Document Libraries etc) But the workflow i created for Site Feed only generates and email when a user replies to a post. I tried almost all the combinations in the Start Options of Workflow Settings.


How can change the settings of the workflow so that it generate an email for a new post in site feed?

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Microsoft have now disabled Microfeed from view in site contents and in action 'Wait for Event in List Item.

enter image description here


Open SharePoint Designer

Click All Files > Lists > Right click Published Feed > Properties > Under Settings untick Hide from browser and save. enter image description here

Then go back to your workflow and select 'Wait for Event in List Item' under action and the Microfeed should now be visable under List again. enter image description here


One of my colleagues found out a solution for this.

First we have to create a Site workflow for this.Not a list workflow for site feed.

In the site workflow we have to create a loop.

Site Workflow

In the workflow first we have to create an infinite loop and wait for a item adding event for Microfeed list.

enter image description here

Then in the email action we can add lookups for the attributes in the item.

enter image description here

In the add look up window we can use following settings to get the values in the item.

enter image description here

Save and publish the workflow. Now it will send an email to the users mentioned in the workflow once a new post is added to the site feed/news feed/micro feed.

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