I am attempting to do conditional formatting in a list view in SharePoint Designer. In this list I have a list that contains a lookup column, and other columns derived from the list of that lookup column. In the source list, the columns Hours, cycles, APU Hours are all numbers; Date In is a date (asterisks are there to draw attention)

partial view of the columns in my list

The data in the list/view is pulling correctly, but does not appear to compare when building the condition in SharePoint Designer

The clause in the condition appears as such in xpath notation: $thisNode/@Due_x0020_Hours. <= @Registration_x003a_Hours_x0020_I


Do lookup columns retain their data types (that is can numbers be compared against other numbers?); and can lookup columns be used in conditional formatting? Or is there a special notation that has to be used for conditional formatting?

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You will probably find that the lookup is stored as a link back to the original list item so you will need to remove that additional formatting before you can do a comparison.

Something like this should remove any HTML tag around the value:

  • That is to have "$thisNode/@Max_x0020_Hours. <= /dsQueryResponse/Rows/Row/@Registration_x003a_Cycles_x0020_" as the only clause/condition? Doesn't appear to work. I also tried converting the link to a number, but that doesn't work either
    – marcwenger
    Jan 13, 2014 at 18:28
  • Put both values on your page and compare the HTML that is actually rendered using something like Developer Tools (F12 in IE). You will probably find there is an <a> tag surrounding the lookup value so you will need to strip this out. I have added a suggestion in my response above though it may need some tweaking . . . Jan 13, 2014 at 20:32

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