I need to check if a user has read level access to a particular list Item. What would be the best approach


listItem.DoesUserHavePermissions(currentUser, SPBasePermissions.ViewListItems);
//here there is also SPBasePermissions.OpenItems..so which one to use
listItem.DoesUserHavePermissions(currentUser, SPBasePermissions.OpenItems);

2) Or is it best to get through SPRoleAssignment & SPRoleDefinition


You can use EffectiveBasePermissions to get the effective base permissions of the current user for a particular list

(MyList.EffectiveBasePermissions & SPBasePermissions.ViewListItems) != SPBasePermissions.EmptyMask

For a particular item (normally under broken inheritance):

Listitem.DoesUserHavePermissions(myuser, SPBasePermissions.ViewListItems) &&
                                Listitem.DoesUserHavePermissions(myuser, SPBasePermissions.OpenItems);
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