This is a typical OOTB SP2010. I have observed that comments entered into a Note Board Web Part will end up with spaces injected in the middle of words, at what appear to be random points.

Examle: I type in a couple of paragraphs into a comment, and it is gramatically and spelling correct. Upon saving the comment, though, it posts with spaces stuffed in between words at odd points.

If I copy-and-paste the resulting comment into a text editor, I find the spaces at (typical example)... "You ca n view that" with the mystery space at char 161. "statements t o set" with the mystery space at char 313. And it continues on at about, but not exactly, the same spacing.

When I find a similarly broken-up comment, the spaces show up within 20 chars of one another, but they do end broken up about every 160 chars or so. And they are turly spaces, not just a line break.

Has anybody seen this behavior? Is there a fix for it?

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this is known issue and you have to apply the hotfix to fix this.August Cu 2013 have this fix.

"When you post a line that contains more than 80 words on a note board on a SharePoint Server 2010 page, a white space is added to the line unexpectedly."

August CU 2103

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