I have understood the foundation of CAML and there are some questions that are still unclear in my mind.

  1. What context and when should a SP developer use CAML?

  2. Why using CAML to retrieve data? what about stored procedure?

  3. How common is it for a SP developer to use CAML?

  4. Do you have a real based example when you used CAML?

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CAML can be used in various ways to customize a SharePoint site, including the following:

  • In script or code that implements members of the SharePoint Foundation object model, where CAML strings are passed through method parameters, assigned to properties, or returned by methods and properties
  • In SOAP messaging that passes CAML strings to a SharePoint Foundation Web service to interact remotely with a deployment
  • In front-end site definitions used to instantiate SharePoint sites
  • In SharePoint Foundation Features to add specific functionality within a particular scope For supported SharePoint artificacts, always use CAML unless there is a reason not to. Use this link for more details.

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