I am able to select default templates in the creation of SharePoint sites but I am unaware on how to create a template from an existing site and use it for the creation of a new site?

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This basically consists of following steps:

  • Save site as a template in Solutions Gallery
  • Download the site template from solutions gallery to a file.
  • Upload the site template file to solution gallery

You may find these links helpful:



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    Keep in mind that saving a site as a template not always works, for exmple when using a publishing site.
    – Remko
    Commented Dec 23, 2013 at 8:45

It seems you talk about site collection template and not site template. Moreover, you will avoid many of SharePoint problems creating a web from a template (not supported if publication activated; export as template fails if one of the url in template is "#"; import fails if news webpart user...). I cannot understan why it is not easier to create a web template to reuse, it is one of the best SharePoint feature but it is hell to implement.

So: use backup-restore functions; in powershell, Backup-SPSite ... and Restore-SPSite. In C#, you can find the equivalent, but finding the right access rights level for the user on database and so on is quite sport.

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