1. The figure has an Analytic Grid at the bottom.
  2. It has a measure called [Application Count].
  3. And it has a dimension named [Day Bucket].
  4. At the top is scorecard. It has several calculated measures.
  5. [Too Early] is the sum of [Application Count] for first [Day Buckets] as shown in green, viz: [0 - 5 Days] to [21 - 25 Days].
  6. [On time] is the sum of [Application Count] for [Day Buckets] from [26 - 30 Days] to [41 - 45 Days].
  7. Like wise, [Late] and [Unacceptable] are two other calculated members.
  8. I am required to send a filter from a cell or column in Scorecard (at top) to the Analytic Grid (at the bottom).
  9. When I click a green cell in [Too Early] it should show only the green cells in Anatlyic Grid and when I click a yello cell in [On time] it should show only the yellow cells in Analytic Grid.
  10. Please enlighten me how to pass the filter parameters from Scorecard to Grid in my scenario.

Thanks in Advance, Merin

Send filter from Scorecard to Analytic Grid

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