I have a custom webpart that either shows a list of products or the detailed view of a single product depending on the configuration options. On the landing page (/Home.aspx) I have the list view on the right column with some general content in the central column. When you click a product I want it to go to the product page (/Product.aspx) where the right column still has a list of items but the central column has the detailed view of the product selected.

I have this working without a problem when you click a product in the list while on the Product.aspx page but I can't get it to work when clicking a product from Home.aspx.

I know cross page PostBacks aren't available in Visual Web Parts. Is it possible to do this without using session state or a query string?



It looks like you want to make master/detail web-part there are two way One is OOTB

Option 1: You can connect two web parts for more information I am giving you some links for it

Option 2: If you are comfortable with jQuery then use spservices and datatable plugin, I will recommended second option if you want custom web part, and I did it recently in my project. Links for example for datatables. Use spservices as datasource and build drill down as per below link

If you still need more info let me know I can provide you.

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