Is it possible to find what new pages / lists / listitems have been added to the intranet site and generate a report on daily basis ?

We have to implement this on sharepoint 2010 and also on sharepoint 2013 websites. We are using C#.NET. I am aware that we can find newly created listitems by creating a listview and then sorting it by DATE as TODAY-2 where 2 is no. of days prior. But, how can I implement same for all lists in the site? I am doing research on the web analytics in sharepoint 2010, but this doesnot seem to serve my purpose.

Have you come across similar requirement?

  • You can use powershell to itterate your sites and lists or use search – Remko Dec 17 '13 at 9:44

You can do this using sharepoint audit logs. Enable the auditing functionality for the list and libraries or for the entire site. The following links will help with the same:

Enable auditing 1

Enable auditing 2

View audit log reports Write custom entries


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