My question about document library web parts that appear in my first page in SharePoint 2010 Sites. (this picture )

how to add button to up one level in document library web part

when users want to browse in that web part and when they click on folders cant go up one level back!

how can i add button there to do this?

is there any hot key for this purpose?

what is your opinion or suggestions for solve this problem?


up one level icon button on the ribbon in library tab. and users cant find it

  • If you were navigated to a folder from a link, this is no good, since back takes you... back. WE want to go UP, not BACK. – Henry Feb 23 '18 at 15:14

Normally the breadcrumb control (the folder on the top left in SP 2010) or the browsers back button is the approach. I have, though, written a custom list breadcrumb to be placed above or below a list view. But that will mean some custom coding (either a webpart, or by JavaScript in a content editor webpart)

  • up one level icon button on the ribbon in library tab. and users cant find it – saber tabatabaee yazdi Dec 17 '13 at 8:25

I did a simpler hack, putting a basic back button under the list, which is pretty good at calling up the folders after you have clicked into them. Go Back

function goBack() {

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