I would like to create a custom aspx page before they start a survey. So first page would have a button with START.This would link directly to the survey page with no masterpage and left side menu. The problem is i notice the the parameter IsDlg=1 is always appended when i click next and this doesn't allow scroll bar.But hen i change it to IsDlg=0 it does.

What ways can i show the survey to users without masterpages and left menu. I would also like to redirect it to another page when done.

Thanks in advance


Use JQuery and In jQuery select button with text property. Then you can play around with it. I have done it like that that is the reason I am telling you.

  • Thanks Milind. Can you please elaborate more how i can use jquery to do this? Looking at the input html NEXT button i can't see any url link. Any ideas? – naijacoder Dec 11 '13 at 22:35

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