Can you explain list audience targeting to me?

I created a list. Went to List Settings, and then to Audience targeting settings. I enabled audience targeting. New field Target Audiences was added.

I went to Site Settings, then Site permissions and created a group called Group 1. Then came back to the list, added new item, and in Target Audience I entered Group 1.

User called User 1 is not member of Group 1. I logged in as User 1 and navigated to list. The item is visible to User 1.

I expected, that when item is targeted only to one group, users that are not members, will not be able to see them. What do I have to change? Anything in list permissions or groups?

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An audience just allows for promotion to those members, its not meant to be a security tool. For instance, you may put a web part on a page with an audience of Group1. So that when Group2 login in they don't see the WP but Group1 do.

Think of it as a way to classfiy data and surface information to the correct user groups.

Visibility of items is controlled with permissions.

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