I want to create a sub site from the community template with unique permission. To achieve this, first I checked using through UI and I found something that is not understandable by me.

First I created a site collection of Community site. Second I created a sub site of community type with unique permissions. In the root site there comes an option "Enable auto - approval" under the community settings, but when I went to the sub site and clicked on Community Settings I did not find that option.

enter image description here Image of Community Settings of root site.

enter image description here Image of Community Settings of sub site.

Is it not possible to set auto approval in sub site? Or please help me to specify what is the reason behind the option does not appear in the community sub-site.

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No, you can't do it for sub community sites

The Enable auto-approval option is available only for communities that are root site collections and not available for community subsites Managing Community Memebership


Very old post, but I am doing something similar now. A workaround for Community Sub sites is to add Everyone group as Contributor to the site.This will not trigger any approvals and behave like auto-approval.

Please be aware of the consequences and make sure that this site has inheritance broken from the parent.

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